Grow from Within.

WITHIN is the framework to let your employee's start new companies from internal projects.

Why make a 'project' into a startup?

The alternative is usually 'No'! Start high-growth companies instead.

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Create new ways to say yes.

You can't grow if you never try. Understand innovation opportunities and how to fund them.

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Utilize our world-class innovation process.

Our tools bring the best approaches from world-class accelerators into your business.

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Solve problems for your business.

Your employees have ideas on how to make their own lives easier. Why not let them make you money doing it?

Review use-cases.

Access talent and innovation networks.

When you create new businesses, new relationships form with important investors, talented founders, and strategic partners. Grow your influence as you grow new companies.

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Free if you use it.

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What we charge (and why).

Our fees are incentives designed to keep your company focused on communicating, progressing, and launching new ideas.

Base Charges

➣ Company Signup: $25/mo (1x)

➣ Company Users: $10/user/mo. (5x included)

Decrease your fees through active innovation.*

➣ 100 Users Submit 1 Project ➔ 100 Users Free

➣ 100 Ideas Reviewed ➔ Save $2/mo/user

➣ Fund 5 Internal Projects ➔ Save $3/mo/user

➣ Externalize 1 Project ➔ All Users Free 3 mo

*Fees reset if <10 projects submitted/week or <80% of submissions reviewed within 1 week.

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Find Ideas like Silicon Valley

"There is no long-term correlation between the amount of money a company spends...and its overall financial performance...what matters is how companies use that money...as well as the quality of their talent, processes, and decision making..."

PricewaterhouseCoopers 2018 Global Innovation 1000 Study

An innovation process the drives engagement, quality, and progress:

• Engage your audience
• Collect and refine great ideas
• Build something simple
• Launch fast
• Communicate opportunity and risk
• Solve important problems in large markets
• Focus on user feedback/growth
• Leverage outside resources
• Incentivize success
• Inspire and retain top talent

How does Within turn projects into startups?

Within combines the best internal innovation management practices with rapid startup launch capabilities.

We help internal projects to grow in your business, and launch ideas that belong in the external ecosystem into high-growth trajectory.


1) Use our project management tools to run your innovation process.
2) Achieve 'Ready-to-Launch' by aligning internal stakeholders.
3) Advance internal projects
4) Launch high-potential startups when projects don't fit your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered. Or contact us at info@within.fund

What your value proposition?

➣ WITHIN provides access to the high-growth startup ecosystem by launching internal projects as new companies. WITHIN ensures these projects get the investment, talent, and support they need to grow quickly, creating value for everyone involved.

What's in it for WITHIN?

➣ The same thing as everyone else involved. Equity!

I want to submit an idea. How can I get my company started?

➣ Go ahead and submit your idea! If your company isn't participating already we will reach out to you to talk new steps (or just email us).

What about IP?

➣ Ideas submitted belong to your company.

Can Within invest in our company?

➣ Not right now. We help you get investment for your new ideas, whether by your internal process or external accelerators/VCs.

Is Within a VC firm?

➣ No, any equity assigned to Within is due to participation in our externalization process.

Are employees/ideators supposed to leave the company to launch their idea or is it supposed to be for internal projects only?

➣ Within is for both internal and external projects. Your employees do not have to leave the company. It will depend on your and their priorities. We will also match compelling ideas to talented entrepreneurs. We expect, if a newly formed company is compelling enough, employees will choose to become founders to your and their benefit!

What will be the transition support for employees leaving to start a new company?

➣ There is currently no standard answer (we're working on this).
Your parent company will have a stake in your success through ownership in your new enterprise. They may also be your largest customer! We hope this will encourage some transition support, through working space, partial salary or investment.

We have an internal VC fund. How will this work?

➣ Within is distinct from the function of your corporate VC fund which invests externally. Within creates new companies, which then secure investment so your project can advance, while providing equity to everyone involved.

Use Cases & Scenarios

How can we leverage Within.Fund to grow our innovation pipeline? How is it different from other tools? Take a look at three scenarios below and sign-up.

Scenario 1 - Start an Innovation Discovery Process

Your company is brimming with talent and ideas, but it’s missing the process to capture those ideas. We’ll set it up and run it for you with world-class tools and techniques. Your ideas are yours and you decide what to do with them.

Find the growth opportunities that your company has been missing.
➣ Engage your employees to capitalize on their existing ideas and brain power
➣ Rapidly implement best practices for little/no cost
➣ Gain the option to say yes to new ideas!

Scenario 2 - Limited resources to support any new ideas

Your company is brimming with talent and ideas but does not have the resources to support these growth opportunities.

Spin-off the ideas as new enterprises to see if they will stand on their own without risking your company’s resources.
➣ Your company gets exposure to a high-growth market without investing resources
➣ The employee has an opportunity to drive their new idea
➣ External investors provide capital in exchange for partial ownership of the new enterprise
➣ Identify growth channels that would drive additional investment in your parent business
➣ Solve problems for your core business through the newly formed enterprise

Scenario 3 - Too many good ideas / Ideas without a home

Your company is brimming with talent ideas, and you support many projects internally. However, some good ideas aren’t a fit. They aren’t in your market or they are too expensive. Or there are higher priorities elsewhere.

We give your innovators a path to resource the great ideas you can’t resource yourself by selling equity in a new enterprise.
➣ Your company gets exposure to a high-growth market without investing resources
➣ The employee has an opportunity to drive their new idea
➣ External investors provide capital in exchange for partial ownership of the new enterprise
➣ Solve problems for your core business through the newly formed enterprise

Template Emails to Start Engaging your Company

Hi Everyone,

We're rolling our a new platform, Within.Fund, to start capitializing on the great ideas from our most important resource - you!

We want you to think like a startup, which is why your first step is to take that great idea, and submit it to us as though you were starting a company. Click here to get started.

Remember, you'll have a chance to grow and refine your idea, so imperfect ideas are both welcome and expected.

We're looking forward to seeing your ideas!


Team Admin

New business grows from new fundamentals.

Some of the biggest problems and markets are hidden in existing businesses.

Start with a question: How does your company bring resources to the best opportunities? (click to proceed)

Keep to yourself. Or break into new space.

Projects key to your competitive advantage advance with our internal innovation process.

Find external investment and entrepreneurial talent when growth potential and business priority disagree (with terms that won't stall innovation).

Why do great ideas stay hidden in big businesses?

Businesses are focused on their core competencies and protecting their known markets.

Available human and financial resources are limited. Ideas which do not fit business priorities, even if they are likely to generate higher returns, are lower priority.

When priority and potential aren't aligned, we have a solution.